Tips for Sweat-Proof Makeup

Finally! The weather is getting nicer and summer is coming. However, this can be problematic for those with oily skin. Oil can cause your makeup to melt right off your face when you’re trying to keep it lasting all day. However, I’ve been researching and trying out some ways to help keep my makeup in place and have come up with a list of tips for sweat-proof makeup!

  • Drink a lot of water – This can help prevent you from sweating as much and cools your body down. Less sweat equals less oil production on your face!
  • Use water resistant makeup – Water resistant makeup works, even when it comes to oil. Mascara and eyeliner are some of the products that are available waterproof. Using these products rather than the original makes a huge difference because these won’t run down your face when you are sweating.
  • Skip powder – Instead of absorbing oil, powder can make your skin look chalky and exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. Use blotting papers to get rid of oil without messing up your makeup.
  • Use a primer – Primer is a great base to help your makeup stay in place. Using a pore filling primer is even better because it closes the pores that are producing oil.
  • Use setting spray – This is so important! Setting spray is an amazing and effective way to keep your makeup lasting for hours. I use the Urban Decay De Slick setting spray, which is perfect for those with oily skin. I have also heard amazing things about the Skindinavia setting spray for oily skin.
  • Try to avoid using dark colored eye makeup – These colors are usually not best for the summer anyways. They will run down your face with sweat. Try sticking to colors that are neutral or light because these tend not to look as obvious as the darker ones.
  • Use less foundation – Avoid caking on your foundation. Try applying a little foundation at a time to create a more natural look that won’t melt off.

Disclaimer: These tips are not perfect. I use these and my makeup still ends up beginning to melt. However, these definitely prolong my makeup longer than it would if I didn’t do anything at all.

Let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks to keeping your makeup sweat proof!

xoxo Jenny


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