Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Give The Appearance of Flawless Skin

#10 Don’t be afraid to experiment with products

Not everything is going to work for you.


I’ve been wearing makeup for years and I’m still learning what I like and what I don’t like . I am still searching for my holy grails. It takes time, practice and experimentation.

Sometimes, you’re going to spend money on a product that you don’t like or doesn’t work for you. Sometimes you are going to make mistakes. Sometimes you might even look like a clown (I’m not going to lie, this has happened to me before). But, if you are determined to achieve the look you are hoping for, you eventually will.

These ten tips are just things I have learned along the way that have helped me out. These  certainly don’t work for everyone and are not every ones cup of tea. However, if they could help someone along the way, that’s what matters to me.

Let me know in the comments below any tips you have for achieving a flawless face!

xox Jenny


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