Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Give The Appearance of Flawless Skin

#5 Always wet your brush/sponge


This is a life changer.

Well, for me at least.

Wetting your brush or sponge before applying your foundation not only makes your look more natural, but it also gives you a dewy and glowy finish. For some people, this may not work, but I swear by this trick. My dry skin in the winter loves this because as all of you dry skinned people know, makeup is almost impossible to blend. A little bit of water on your brush or sponge will make it SO much easier for you to do it and you will be so thankful.

This also prevents you from wasting too much product, specifically when using a sponge, because the water prevents the sponge from absorbing too much of the product.

Adding water may lighten the coverage of your foundation, however, you can always layer and build it on more.

Let me know if you have tried this technique and what you think of it!




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