Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Give The Appearance of Flawless Skin

#2 Use Color Corrector


This step is not necessary, however, it does make a difference when it comes to looking like you have flawless skin. I didn’t start using color corrector until a few months ago, but I am so glad I started. The point of color corrector is as the name states. It cancels out certain colors on your skin that are unwanted such as redness and under eye circles. Each color matches with a color on the color wheel and to cancel the color, you must you the opposite color on the wheel to do so. For example, for redness, you would use a green corrector or for under eye circles, which are generally purple, you would use a yellow corrector.

I normally put it on right after I prime and before I put foundation on so that the excess color isn’t seen. Although it is a little too drying for me, I have been using the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Corrector  ($14) in green. However, other ones that I have heard great things about that I’m looking to try are Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid  ($28)  and the Cover FX Correct Click Color Corrector ($18).


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